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Number of Employees 1-50 People
Established in 1992


Shenyang Emily Garden Arts and Crafts Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary company of SHENYANG ARTS & CRAFTS I/E CO., LTD. which has been in operation for over 30 years. Over this period, we have gained considerable experience in product development and sales, as well as extensive trade experience, an excellent design team and rigorous product quality control. We believe that credibility is the key to success, and we have consistently adhered to this principle.

Our company's products are mainly made of natural materials and are handmade. They include holiday and daily home decorations and gifts. They can be used to add a more natural feel to your home decor.

We are experienced in creating decorations for Christmas, Easter, Harvest, and daily necessities. Our main products include wreaths, animals made from natural materials and fabric, pumpkins, and snowmen. 

We specialise in the design of products made from natural materials, including grass, sisal, branches and vines, and other natural materials. Our products are fashionable, elegant and personalised, making them ideal gifts for friends and relatives during festivals.

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